Apocalisse GDR John's Guide to the Armageddon

The End of the World is here…

Apocalisse is the definitive 5E setting based on the Book of Revelation by St. John, and it will lead you into the final war between angels and demons.

In the immense Armageddon battlefield, the ultimate fight between angels and demons, between those who fight for the Throne of the Lord and those who serve the Abyss, has started.

But the human race has survived…

Apocalisse RPG archetipo

Open the seven seals:

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Apocalisse GDR John's Guide to the Armageddon

Apocalisse is a terrifying journey to the end of times, amongst the ruins of the world, during the deciding war between celestial beings. 

You’ll be the last survivors in a land devastated by infernal plagues and divine calamities, roamed by the Four Horsemen. 

A desperate fight against the End of Everything awaits you, with one last choice: will you fight for your life, or will you let the Final Judgement choose for you?

"Therefore, stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour."

Apocalisse – John’s Guide to the Armageddon will present:

  • The Armageddon: an entire setting book about the biblical Apocalypse in which you’ll be able to set adventures and campaigns;
  • New rules to create your characters, to survive in an apocalyptic setting, and concerning the effects of the Seven Seals and the Marks inflicted by celestial powers.
  • Four new archetypes, specialized in dealing with the dangers of the End of the World;
  • A Monster Manual of the Apocalypse, with 50+ new monsters;
  • 20+ Apocalyptic Artifacts

Apocalisse – John’s Guide to Hell is a complete setting for the 5th editing of the most famous RPG in the world. Created by the ENNIE award winner studio Two Little Mice (Inferno, Broken Compass, Household), developed and published by four time ENNIE award winner Acheron Games (Brancalonia, Inferno, Lex Arcana, Malavita), written by Marco B Bucci (Memento Mori, Nomen Omen, Saetta Rossa) with the support of Marco Bertini (Inferno, Brancalonia) for rule developement, and with art by Daniela Giubellini (Inferno, Household), Francesco Biagini (Brancalonia), Fabio Porfidia (Brancalonia and Inferno), and the ENNIE award winner Grim Moon studio (Nightfell), here comes a new project ready to shake the world.

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