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Brancalonia – The Empire Whacks Back consists of around 180 richly illustrated full-color pages, with maps, characters, antagonists, monsters, and other images evocative of the Bounty Kingdom.

The book features:

● A description of the northern regions of the Kingdom and their Free Towns, with secrets, menaces, curiosities, places of interest, rumors, game hooks, and new ideas for your gaming sessions.

● A general presentation on the Altomannic Empire, its rulers, secrets, and armies.

● A complete map of the northern part of the Kingdom

● A new, original, war-themed campaign, in 10 linked adventures.

● New Backgrounds, new Dive Games, new Grandluxuries, new Equipment, new Spells, and new Magical Junk for all the Knaves.

● 20+ new monsters and antagonists typical of Italian history, tradition, and folklore.

Brancalonia's fantastic and picaresque world is an "upside down" version of medieval Italy, which collects and mixes contributions from contemporary Italian fiction and references to the fantastic literary tradition, pop culture and movies. This inimitable Spaghetti Fantasy setting for 5e over the years has won many awards,
  • Gold ENnie Award 2021: Best electronic book
  • Silver ENnie Award 2021: Product of the Year)
  • Silver ENnie Award 2021: Best Writing
  • Silver ENnie Award 2021: Best Setting
  • ioGioco Award 2021: Best RPG Supplement
  • Furgone d'Oro: Best Seller
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Best Setting
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Best RPG Supplement
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Best Art
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Most Original RPG
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Reviewers’ Choice
  • Silver NDU Award 2021: Most Charming RPG
  • Silver NDU Award 2021: Revelation of the Year

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