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LATE PLEDGE: The manuals will be available from October 2024. This date could be postponed in the delivery to guarantee you the best possible result.

Brancalonia is the all-Italian setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game of all time. Set in a “mirrored” version of Medieval Italy, this unheroic, picaresque and roguish world quotes, collects, and mixes references from contemporary Italian fiction and over a hundred works of Italian fantasy tradition, pop culture, and collective imagery.

This bundle includes all manuals in digital version:

  • Brancalonia - Setting book
  • Macaronicon
  • Brancalonia - The Empire Whacks Back
  • Jinx’s Almanack
  • Brancalonia - Spaghetti Fantasy Bestiary
  • Bounty Kingdom Gazetteer
  • Furious Lands and other Dirty Jobs

Brancalonia - Spaghetti Fantasy Bestiary: 100+ new monsters typical of Italian folklore, legends, myths and literature, of land, sea, sky and underground. Unlike the classic Bestiaries for 5e, this volume will be much more in-depth in terms of lore. In fact, it will present 4 or 6 pages for each main monster, which will include a map and description of the lair, a card of the "minor" monsters that populate it, numerous adventure hooks, rumors, narrative elements divided by style of play (action, mystery, horror, dungeon crawl, sword and sorcery, etc.), hunting tips, and a special item for each monster to be earned defeating it. In addition, each main monster will have a special "Monsterchef Box", i.e. a recipe for cooking monster meat and managing its side effects. It is therefore a "deluxe" bestiary in terms of storytelling. The artists of the volume are Lorenzo Nuti (lead artist of Brancalonia) and the superstar Justin Gerard. All the material can be used with the other Brancalonia manuals, or imported into any of your game settings.

From the Apulian countryside full of dancing spider-witches to the Strait of Messina dominated by the mythological Scylla and Charybdis; from the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites infested with goblins and mule-demons to the beaches and rocks where the Green Fishermen of Pinocchio nest; from the sly Gatto Mammone to the hypnotic Fata Morgana; from the very mysterious Lonfo that no one has ever really seen to the Colombre shark which, once it has chosen its prey, chases it for its entire life; plus dragons, goblins, witches, mummies, demonic beasts and angelic but no less filthy creatures up to the Great Monster that looms over all of Brancalonia and whose name is whispered with terror, THE PASTA MATER TENEBRARUM, culinary goddess and mistress of the Dark Kitchen.

Bounty Kingdom Gazetteer: 25 new places, ranging from the mean streets of violent cities to remote and cursed islands in the sea, from forests as old as the world on top of snow-capped peaks to countryside full of peasant witchcraft, passing through castles, villas, catacombs, traveling fairs. A sort of tourist guide to a fantasy, medieval, wild Italy full of adventures and dangers, where the sense of wonder shines around every corner. A crazy roller coaster through fairytale and grimdark, folk horror and sword and sorcery, from literary to pop. Each location in the Gazetteer includes a general map and other views, diagrams and illustrations, area-by-area descriptions, adventure hooks, rumors and other narrative elements ready to use. It also includes 10 new foody backgrounds, 20 notable characters and villains, 30 unique items and 3 new playable races. All the material can be used with the other Brancalonia manuals, or imported into any of your game settings.

From the crooked Tower of Pisa to the famous Palio of Siena, from the fiery crater of Vesuvius to the Tree of the Rampant Knights of Calvinian memory, from the immense cathedral-city of the Duomo of Milan to the Colosseum, and up to the alleys of Venice and the Tuscan villas. The most well-known, interesting or peculiar places in Italy distorted in a fantasy and 5E key, a crazy and reckless trip from which you will never go back. You just have to buy the ticket and go on the Grand Tour!

Furious Lands and other Dirty Jobs: it's a full color hardcover Collector Edition that contains an entire campaign inspired by Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, plus a dozen short adventures among the most loved by players, never before published in a volume.

Brancalonia Setting Book: has 192 richly illustrated color pages, with maps, characters, antagonists, monsters, a Kingdom in-depth description and a complete campaign!

The Macaronicon: is a richly-illustrated volume, 160 pages long; the first sourcebook for Brancalonia, with adventures, new characters and game materials to play even more accurately and in-depth.

Brancalonia - The Empire Whacks Back: has around 180 richly illustrated color pages, with maps, characters, antagonists, monsters and a full campaign set in the northern part of the Kingdom.

Jinx’s Almanack : (A4, Hardcover or .PDF) is a full color Collector's Edition that brings together the first three issues of The Daily Jinx, with many interesting details about the scoundrels' daily-life and some hard-to-find and well-loved adventures such as For a Fistful of Hops, Showdown at Borgoratto, and The Bigat’s Treasure.

Brancalonia's fantastic and picaresque world is an "upside down" version of medieval Italy, which collects and mixes contributions from contemporary Italian fiction and references to the fantastic literary tradition, pop culture and movies. This inimitable Spaghetti Fantasy setting for 5e over the years has won many awards.

  • Gold ENnie Award 2021: Best electronic book
  • Silver ENnie Award 2021: Product of the Year)
  • Silver ENnie Award 2021: Best Writing
  • Silver ENnie Award 2021: Best Setting
  • ioGioco Award 2021: Best RPG Supplement
  • Furgone d'Oro: Best Seller
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Best Setting
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Best RPG Supplement
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Best Art
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Most Original RPG
  • Gold NDU Award 2021: Reviewers’ Choice
  • Silver NDU Award 2021: Most Charming RPG
  • Silver NDU Award 2021: Revelation of the Year

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