Made in Italy.
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Acheron is a publisher specialized in
RPG and speculative fiction with an Italian setting

Acheron is Italy’s leading producer of original role-playing games, and one of the rising stars of international gaming. Our titles have won some of the most prestigious international awards in their category, and are published and distributed in the United States, Italy, Japan, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Scandinavian countries, and Brazil. Our offices are located in Milan and New York.

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Our Story

How everything started

Acheron was founded in 2015 as a publisher of speculative fiction books (Acheron Books) to which the role-playing game division (Acheron Games) was later added in 2018.

In just a few years, we have managed to offer a catalog including some of the best Italian writers in the Fantasy and Science fiction genres, joined by several international guest stars.

Growing into an international player

In 2019 the role-playing game “Brancalonia – The Spaghetti Fantasy Rpg” was launched on Kickstarter raised one hundred and ninety thousand euros, becoming our first major international success and winning four Ennie Awards (Italian record) at the 2021 GenCon in Indianapolis: Best Writing, Best Setting, Product of the Year, and Best Electronic Book.

In 2021 the game “Inferno – Dante’s Guide to Hell” was launched, raising over four hundred thousand euros and becoming the most funded Italian role-playing game in the world.

The New York office is opened in 2022: Acheron has officially become an international player.

Branches and Iternational Partnerships

Acheron Games – HQ Europe
Milano Via Guido d’Arezzo 15 20145 Milano (MI)
Asti Via G. Garibaldi 22 14022 Castelnuovo Don Bosco (AT)
DungeonDice – RPGs Distribution
Quality Games – Part of Acheron group
Studio Agate – Publisher
System Matters – Brancalonia Publisher

Uhrwerk Verlag – Lex Arcana Publisher
Gramel – Publisher
Delta Vision – Publisher
Pandora Studio – Publisher

Cursed Ink – Publisher
Kaizoku Press – Publisher
Retropunk – Publisher
Ares Games – US Distribution

Headquarter USA

18 Bridge Street Unit 2° –

Brooklyn 11201 NY – USA

Speculative Team