Apocalisse Late Pledge – The Book of Revelation [ENG]

Dettagli del prodotto

LATE PLEDGE: The manuals will be available from 02/24. This date could be postponed in the delivery to guarantee you the best possible result.

The end of the world has finally come… Apocalypse is the ultimate RPG about the Book of Revelation of St. John that will lead you into the final war between angels and demons. Fight for humanity, conquer the Seven Seals and defeat otherworldly forces who want to destroy the world!

The Book of Revelation is both the artbook of this project and a marvellous collector’s edition of the actual Book of Revelation by St. John, in three languages: English, Italian, and Latin.

Apocalisse provides:
  • The innovative Mark Dice mechanic that allows characters to access supernatural powers with never-before-seen effects.
  • The Plain of Armageddon – an entire dynamic sandbox inspired by the Book of Revelation, ravaged by momentous calamities and plagued by supernatural ills.
  • New rules for character creation, and for the Marks inflicted by otherworldly powers.
  • Rules about Apocalyptic Terrains and the planetary-level apocalyptical effects of the Seven Seals like the Resurrection of the flesh.
  • 5+ New Archetypes (character subclasses) designed to be fully compatible with the existing 5th edition ruleset and any other settings.
  • 50+ New Monsters, fully compatible with any 5th edition setting.
  • 30+ Apocalyptic Relics (Weapons, Artifacts, Rings, Armors, Wands, Staffs, and Wondrous Items).

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