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Dangerous and deadly is this old dark world!

First Kings is a role-playing and storytelling game that allows you to immerse yourself in primordial Rome's terrifying shadows. The world of First Kings is a fantastic mix of prehistoric legends, ancestral myths, and heroic chronicles of the city's early years. It's not the rich and glorious Rome of imperial splendors and distant fertile provinces, but a primitive city surrounded by wild, cruel, and barbarous lands. Here, the horrors of myth walk among men, and the darkness has fangs and claws.
In First Kings, you will be Romuli, descendants of the first king and the god Mars himself, invested with your heritage of superhuman powers that you will use to fight the darkness and protect Romans and all humankind. You will face monsters and terrors - as well as death - with courage and honor, in the name of Rome, in the name of Quirino, in the name of the Moon and Mars!
This book includes:
The world of First Kings, from Rome to the wildlands of primordial Italy, including the history, the powers, and the society of the Romuli. The complete rules of the Zodiacus System, an original narrative game system that combines interpretation, dice, zodiac, numerology, and moon phases. A complete bestiary and an extensive collection of characters, spells, dark rituals, and pitfalls that players can face in their deeds. Rex Compendium 1, with the chronicles of Rome's first decades and three adventures ready to play. Places of darkness 1, a collection of adventure environments, with many ideas for creating scenarios and short adventures.
First Kings is a game set in a violent and bloody world. Its themes and atmospheres are intended for mature audiences.
First Kings is a game by Matteo Sanfilippo, created together with Andrea Macchi and Max Castellani.
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