Lex Arcana Late Pledge - Mysteries of the Empire II [ENG]

Dettagli del prodotto

LATE PLEDGE: The manuals will be available from 08/23. This date could be postponed in the delivery to guarantee you the best possible result.

Mysteries of the Empire II is a collection of adventures, both brand new and digitally published but never printed until now; notably, The Shadows of the Past, the epic conclusion of the story started with that very first adventure in the Quickstart! This fourth and final adventure has incredibly high stakes and will put the Custodes face to face with a formidable enemy!

From the shores of the Mare Nostrum to the cold lands of the North, the Custodes will face many of the dangers and perils of the ancient world, amidst dark prophecies, mythical creatures and mysterious forces that want to undermine the destiny of our Empire Without End!

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